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Tuesday, April 27, 2010

They call him Boss

Because he's that kind of person that they just want to respect  :)
and i did a post bout him the same time i did somsom's
then i deleted it
and i dont want to write it back
he does deserve a mention tho :P
cuz he does happen to be one of my very best friends
*whether he likes it or not*
and iLove him very much
and he's put up with some of my crap
oddly, i don't have a  single nickname for him
still working on it tho :)

December 2009 


Juanita said...

True friends are so worth more than gold :)- erm so Ghandi or buddha-or someone said. And I belive so too.

F said...

Lol @ Juanita... Yeah... Gandhi or some guy... lol

I think the shout outs you do to your friends are really awesome. Friends deserve to be recognised. It's quite a small world as well cos I know Somto... This internet sha... Lol

GaGaPosh said...

Juanita- Lmao!! so someone said,true talk tho! :)

F- Thanks!! :), you do??!!! really is a small world

F said...

LOL... I do... She used to live in Ibadan where I'm from... Your comment made my day! Feel free to steal it o! We like your own kind of robbery. :)