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Sunday, May 9, 2010

Depressed XD

And so she counted.
Count she did
And the months came
And the months went
Still she counted
She ran out of months
Yes! She did!!
Still too far
She counted still
She counted weeks
She counted days
Till finally
She counted hours
She panicked
She was worried, then excited, then nervous
Her mind filled with what if's??
She couldn’t sit
She couldn’t stand
She couldn’t sleep

This is an excerpt from a poem i wrote in early April. When i read the whole poem, i felt really really sad. It made me remember exactly how i was feeling when i wrote it and even worse the reason i wrote it. But i promised myself not to walk down that road anymore. #StoryOfMyLife


Yvonne B. said...

Im sorry bout dat......
akcerpt me sympathyz....nice po-em doe :)

F said...

Am I reading too much into this to think it is about a terminal illness? Maybe a degenerative one like Alzheimer's or something...