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Monday, May 10, 2010


Firstly i have something to say.... Iron Man 2 was awesome!!! :D :D :D
Everyone should go and watch it nowwwww!!
Quote of the day 
*Contrary to popular belief,the world does not revolve around me, im just awesome like that :P

     I know the blackberry is a hyped phone but seriously bbm (Blackberry Messenger) makes it worth the hype. Im arguing the case because i love my blackberry and i find it very very very convenient. It's like texting only..its BETTER!! 
Some people argue that they could have the msn, Skype and yahoo messengers on their phones but its not the same thing fool!!
Not everyone is online on those all the time but bbm has no offline save for switching of your phone. I find it absolutely cool that i can send pictures, files (songs and videos) and voice-notes to my friends in Asia, america, London, Nigeria and everywhere else at no extra cost. Its brilliant and in my opinion, it far outshines everything else. I think people who don't know what they are saying should shut up and hide their ignorance. Where do you get of saying your LG MoBILE phone is the same this as my blackberry SMARTPHONE *note the words Mobile vs. Smart*
The Blackberry is one of the best phones out there and if everyone wants to get one, well i dont blame them. I do agree that its hyped much but that the way it is

                                           Nigerians know how to hype things though

Like the Macbook... its a perfectly good laptop but until it creates the cure for cancer please stop telling me to get one. Most Nigerians i know with macbooks use it for just the basic functions, they dont maximize it to its full capabilities, they just have it cuz they are trying to prove to their air-headed circle of friends that they have money or something equally ridiculous. I like my laptop just the way it is #ThankYouVeryMuch

Beats by dre, those things are madly hyped!!! i mean, if it had something worth it, it would be okay but i personally tried the $300 dollar beats and some $72 dollar skull candy headphones and i did not detect a difference except the skull-candy ones were louder and gave me an earache. And some other people tried this as well, i definitely do not see myself purchasing them #Period

Schooling in England is another hype. There's nothing wrong with it but its really not for everyone. Some people have made it their life ambition and just want to go there cuz they see fun and parties. They dont realise that some people party and still have time for studying. They all rush there and when they get there, make noise, attend all the parties and of course take all the pictures so we can see that they are 'Living the life'. They forget what they came for and become immersed in having 'fun'. Fun becomes a competetion, who's having the most fun? who is being talked about the most? they go to great lenghts for all these and end up loosing..they stop going to classes, drugs, parties and sex consume them, i happen to know a lot of them.... then they get dragged back to naij and their parents give the most insane excuses for their presences #SMH

             Im tired of writing atm, i read a lovely story by my new friend F which i have stolen, its going to be my next post though
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and FYI
This is my opinion,so nobody should argue with me, if your have a different one, go to your own fucking blog and express it, got it??


F said...

LOOOL... Babe, blogs are for discussion now, haba... Go to your own fucking blog ke??? LOL! Simmer down now... :p

Iron Man 2 = good a.k.a. better than shit superhero films like Rise of the Silver Surfer, Ultraviolet (exceedingly shit etc) but not as good as the first.

Schooling in England = coming from someone in those shoes... DEFINTELY OVERHYPED. When I see people dying over it, the words "calm the fuck down" come to mind. :)

And Blackberry is of no extra cost only in certain places... It's 5k extra for internet a month in Naija... Which adds up, you know...

I need to stop before this becomes a blog post, lol. You could read the full story instead of just the last bit which I posted the other time... Check out naijastories.com and click on Funmi-F (na d name dem give me be dat o) then you can check them out. :)

GaGaPosh said...

LoL!! nah, discussions are okay, i just ddnt want anyone chatting shit!!

i def agree with you on the Iron-Man 2!!!! i think the first was kinda scary O_0

and the blackberry thing, i just found out.. 5k.. wow!!
already found and read the whole story...haha!! yay!