iWrite because i can. Because i have two hands and ten (very beautiful) fingers that allow me to write. Because i have thoughts in my head that i want to write. Because i'm not quite sane. Because i am me :)

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

They call him Boss

Because he's that kind of person that they just want to respect  :)
and i did a post bout him the same time i did somsom's
then i deleted it
and i dont want to write it back
he does deserve a mention tho :P
cuz he does happen to be one of my very best friends
*whether he likes it or not*
and iLove him very much
and he's put up with some of my crap
oddly, i don't have a  single nickname for him
still working on it tho :)

December 2009 

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Its full of Evil Clowns

This is a random post, so if you're busy.....sha read it :P

Hi, I'm VaNessa

i have big eyes
and a nose thats round and pointy at the same time
The world is run by evil clowns, because funny things keep happening to me, and when you look at it, its funny in bad ways, because its not supposed to be funny, like my blackberry falling into a toilet, its funny and its not funny. And you know, clowns are funny but an evil clown is funny in  an evil way, therefore, i have come to the conclusion that we should stop saying mother nature and start saying Evil clown.

I Love feet, not in a sexual way oh, abeg I don’t have a foot fetish and I def don’t want to have sex with anybodies feet, but I just love feet.. people close to me have suffered it.. im not gonna explain it, either you get it or you don’t!! Is there a foot anonymous i can join??

I'm in Business class atm and i'm supposed to be doing something or the other but i  really can't be bothered and class ends in 10 minutes anyway.

                                So i slept late last night, i usually try my best to be asleep by 11 pm cuz college is such a bitch and i cannot wait to be done, as i was saying, Yesterday i really wanted to sleep but with the evils of Skype, i was up till freaking 1 having a very interesting video call with someone. Sha, in the morning, my roomie had to pull the covers of me at 6.30 so i wouldn't miss the bus, i dragged myself to the bathroom... i have a very special toothpaste in a blue pack, and i have a very special face scrub in a blue pack and in my sleepy state, i grabbed what i thought was my toothpaste, put some on my toothbrush and proceeded to brush my teeth....
EEEWWWWW.... it took me up to 10 seconds to realise that i was brushing my teeth with face scrub.
After having to wash my mouth out,i was sleepy AND pissed, i hopped into the shower and into steaming hot water which hurt me VERY VERY VERY much, i jumped back in shock and banged my head on the wall, well by then i was fully awake and highly pissed. #StoryOfMyLife

iThink im getting a headache.............
I'm running out of my mind, stuck in this void. What happens if my mind finishes??
Will you give me some of yours?? 


Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Flaws and All

So i love this song. Flaws and All by Beyonce. I'm not much of a fan of hers sha but this song talks to me especially the video. (if you want to see it click here)

Another song that really speaks to me is Impossible by Shontelle. The video is okay but its not really about the video, its about the words. i listen to it almost 20 times a day ( i swear, you can like to check my iTunes) You can watch/listen to it by clicking here. Its an amazing song and i wish i could sing cuz i wud def be singing this song alot.

I'm a train wreck in the morning
I'm a bitch in the afternoon
Every now and then without warning
I can be really mean towards you
I'm a puzzle yes in deed
Ever complex in every way
And all the pieces aren't even in the box
And yet, you see the picture clear as day.


iCall her Nosey :)

because i think her nose is very big.

This post is dedicated Soromtochukwu Nkemakolam Obioma Ibe!!!!
Also known as Somto, SomSom, NosyChukwu (for her humongous nostrils), Soromto Toronto…. I could go on…lol
Because, she is a really nice person. Looking at us now, you would never guess that 8 months ago, We didn’t know each other, yet now it feels like I’ve known her a lifetime.  I had a really good feeling about her, the first time I met her, I felt really comfortable. God knows she deserves an award for putting up with me and especially for being my friend. (Somto, now would be a good time to inform you that you’re going to be a bridesmaid at my wedding J)
                She put up with my crap, which is hard for even my family to do, the time I broke her window, the time I broke her door, the time I dismantled the chair she was SITTING ON, taking up all her oxygen, intruding in ALL her business , not letting her read for her tests, generally making her life miserable.
And I want to thank her for being my friend, for listening to me, for mocking my tears and then comforting me,  for not judging me, for singing me a lullaby in her cracked voice when I couldn’t sleep, for advising me even when sometimes she knew I wouldn’t heed the advice.  ( and Somto you can be very annoying too you know!!)
And even though she absolutely refuses to admit it, I know that she loves and misses me too *no homo* and cannot wait to see me.
I shall stop here before her already big head swells even bigger than it already is.

 she also likes to feel like a fine girl :)


Monday, April 12, 2010

Dear God,

                      Dear God,
                It’s me again. Do you hear that?? Its silence, because this time, I have nothing to say. If I have to say it again, if you don’t already know, then why should I say it? What do you want from me? Oh yeah, I know you’re super busy. Earthquakes in Haiti, People Dying in Jos, People with terminal diseases…. Yeah, you have loads on your hand. But what about me?? It’s been five long hellish years of waiting…. I’m still waiting. I’m not important because I have two hands and legs and no terminal disease? What does a girl have to do around here to get help from you? Should I act the way I feel? Should I cry every single fucking day? Is that what you want?? Because I have carried this little cross of mine all by myself, with the exception of those involved. Did I do something wrong?? Because if I did, I am really really sorry. I wake up every day, and I act like everything’s okay, lately, its been getting harder.
                I want to thank you, for my family, however dysfunctional they are. I thank you for the roof over my head and the food that I eat. For these I am forever grateful. I have begged you long and hard, I want you to know that I’m going now. I’m not having this conversation with you anymore and whenever I pop into your mind, whenever you want me, I’ll be waiting. Please come soon. Thanks


Sunday, April 11, 2010


                      I used to think there was only one kind of heartbreak and that was the kind I was used to feeling. The kind that caused an ache inside of me and caused me to weep for hours, wishing the pain would go away. I never knew I could wish such pain on myself again. Because it hurts, this new kind of heartbreak hurts in ways I never knew could hurt. I feel numb and broken. I feel nothing and I feel everything, I feel useless and irrelevant. I've been through three frikkin break-ups, this wasn't even a real break-up so how the hell does this hurt more??  Funny part is….. I caused it; I can’t blame anyone but myself because i walked right into it. I can’t even sleep, its waiting for me in my dreams, I can’t eat… I feel fat…..  and I lost, I knew I was going to lose, I always lose but this time I didn’t expect to feel like such a massive loser when it eventually happened. I wish I could go back in time (who doesn’t), I wish I never came here. It’s funny how a person can completely change your life without even knowing or caring.  I don’t know what to do….and I don’t know how to cope all I know is that I don’t want to feel this way… but as always, Story of my damn life

#now playing- ‘Impossible’ (Shontelle)

You were strong and I was not
My illusion, my mistake,
I was careless, I forgot
I did. And now
When all is done, there is nothing to say
 You have gone and so effortlessly
You have won
 You can go ahead and tell them
Tell them all I know now
Shout it from the rooftops
Write it on the skyline
All we had is gone now
Tell them I was happy
And my heart is broken
All my scars are open
Tell them what I hoped, would be

Friday, April 9, 2010


So i chose this title because even though i have never watched matrix revolution (i hate movies like that, i have also never watched/do not like lord of the rings and avatar (i know)). 
I know enough about matrix to know that it has a lot of 'MAGIC' fighting moves and stuff, sha sha, lemme get to my story.

         For those of you who dont know , I AM A BLACKBERRY ADDICT. i am on it shit 24/7. i wake up at night just to check that its still under my pillow and dont you dare touch my blackberry. Before i got it, i always thought the blackberry was overrated (and if you think that then SUCK IT!!) but after i got my blackberry, it was 'till death do us part'. I loved it like the child i've never had, i cleaned it, bought loads of cases for it, downloaded a million themes and lavished it with attention, me without my blackberry is NOTHING. We loved each other, his name was A*** (cuz im weird like that), he knew just the right time to vibe, loving bringing me all my notifications, he laffed with me at funny things and hissed with me at dem stupid bbm broadcasts. 

     Our marital bliss came to an end yesterday, while  i was bbm-ing my beloved SomSom. i was rushing to the washroom, with A*** in my hand and i kinda hit my hand in the process of opening the damn door and the next thing i knew, A*** flew right outta my hand and straight into the (yup, you guessed it) Toilet. (thats the matrix!! lol ) where he began to vibe because SomSom had just replied.
First reaction: *shock* *horror* *gasp* A*** is in the toilet
Second reaction: *eeewww, im not putting my hand into a toilet
third reaction: but its A***c
So i did what no human should never have to do in her life *shudder* i got him out
I began dissasembling it like a woman on fire, threw of the case, threw out the battery, removed the sim
Now what??  i let it dry
advice came from all over, 'let it dry', it'll be fine', blah blah blah
24 hours later, the phone is blacked out, dead, wont come on, wont respond to anything and  i feel hopelessly lost.

          God works in Amazing ways. Last week, my friend told me that my love for my blackberry was unhealthy (dunno when he became a doctor oh) and adviced me to back it up and shockingly, i did!! so all i have to do is get a new bb and everything's gonna be okay right?? WRONG!!! because im facing a $600 dollar fee for a new one and my birthday is next week and i can't even tell my dad cuz water seems to spoil all my stuff remember the ruined lappie  case right?? where soda spilled on my lappie, so its birthday or blackberry and SORRY to all the birthday cake eaters but i pick my blackberry. I have a history with water and electronics and its never my fault iSwear!! Things like this just generally happen to me. A movie needs to be made outta my life,you'll be highly entertained by it trust me. Some people tell me to wait a month and try the phone again.... seriously people, i can NOT survive a  month without my blackberry jho!!

       Eulogy: my blackberry bold 9000 (white) A*** who lived a brief short life full of fun and laughter, he heard all the gossip and gist as well as all the scoldings from daddy dearest.He knew my inner most thoughts and every single password i have. let us have a moment of silence.
January 14th 2010 to April 8th 2010
Survived by: MzNessa *sob sob*
You will be greatly missed

    Tweet me!! Twitter.com/bosshunnay.  ps: for those of you who pinged me and ddint get a reply, now you know why. and i never re-read my work (even in exams, i just cant) so if you have a problem .....ermm..Suck it!! 


Do You Remember??

A Purse??

A Laptop thats a purse as well??
i sha like the concept, but in reality tho, why would you want to carry your laptop to a party or sumn. A purse is meant for keeping important things like powder and lipgloss and wallets!!! i cant imagine needing a lappie when im going to watch a movie or or dancing at a party with a heavy ass purse in the name of fashionable laptop, however i can imagine goin for lecture with a purse that just so happens to be a laptop..... but does that mean i have to carry two purses to lectures, because i sure as heck wont carry the rest of my stuff on  my head, will i?
AND i know im overthinking the issue but thats my opinion  :)

Lurv Lurv Lurvv.. it sucks innit??