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Tuesday, January 26, 2010


                   Feels so good to blog again, and NO bloggie,stop staring at me like that,you know i wouldnt abandon you ever!!! 
          So the world is a very ironic place to be in,i survived not one but TWO chicken pox outbreaks in Nigeria,that hot country of a place. My momma always told me each time i worried that i wouldn't get it because she never had it and so i always believed her......and i survived the two outbreaks,i remember watching my friend Brenda itching in the Sick Bay and i said to her what id heard others say a million times, DON'T ITCH and with the tears of frustration she still itched,still scarred herself and still regretted it later on.
           Here in the Canada,the last thing i could ever imagine was Chicken Pox!!!!. It was a Sunday Morning,i remember not going to church because i was Lazy. After church Ivy came round on her way to the library,she was feeling a bit sickly and she had forgotten her jacket at home and asked for mine.
    I checked the whole frikkin house for my 'other jacket' (the one i let people wear) but it vanished, couldn't remember  if i'd given it out and she looked so Hopeless i just had to give her my black school jacket and off she went with a 'see you in school'
   Woke up late the next morning as usual, couldn't find my school jacket and the bus was bout to leave so i just threw on something black and left, phew!!! it was freezing outside but who was on the bus with my lovely warm jacket?? yup,Ivy!!!!! I just put it on without thinking and off to school we went.
By the End of the day,i discovered Ivy had the chicken pox but by then i barely remembered that i'd given her my jacket.
Wednesday Morning,two bumps on my tummy,one on my arm,one on my face,all exactly the same and very itchy,i thought it was my allergies acting up again,made a mental note to pick up some hydro cortisone cream at the pharmacy after school,by third period Ladies and Gentle..yup yup...i have the Chicken pox people!!!
      Thursday Morning, Roomie discovers same spots on her body,yes people,we have an epidemic on our hands.

    The chicken pox was TERRIBLE,it itched and when you itched it,it hurt,there was no escape,high fevers,sleepless nights and GOD BLESS WHOEVER INVENTED CALAMINE LOTION!!!

Then comes Murphy's Law,for those of you who don't know it,i shall explain
Murphy's Law states that
             Anything Bad that can Happen will Happen and at the Worst possible time...
        As i was sitting in Bed trying to Facebook, white as a ghost from calamine lotion and running yet another fever and about to take yet some more fever reducers. I reached out for the glass of punch by my bedside and i dunno what happened or how it happened but one minute the cup was in my hand and the next minute there was bright RED punch all over my laptop. I panicked,i shut it off,turned it upside down all night and turned it back on in the morning.......it would not come on....i was frustrated,i tell you really was and i happened to be dead broke at the time and even if i had money in my account,i wasn't about to leave the house with Chicken pox. My camera gets stolen too.Story of my Damn Life.. 
                                            but finally,my chicken pox goes and God blessed me too!! i have like only 3 scars,i went to get my laptop cleaned for $200 (there goes those shoe's I've been eyeing) and i found out Exactly who took my camera so i got it back as well and then i had so much to catch up and still have so much to do but I've taken care of the priorities,had 2 tests today and another bloody one tomorrow,midterms in 2 weeks,and essays and book reports to write till then...*sigh*

   New Blog name?? Yes because im finally gonna write the way i want,im gonna be my random-deranged-nail biting-air guitar playing-talking too much-need to cool down-self!!!! YaY!!! 

I have some major catching up to do in blogsville, and a test to read for!!!!!!!!



Fragilelooks said...

sorry abt ur chicken pox.i've neva had it and will never have it in Jesus name, AMEN.

shorty said...

Sorry about your chicken pox,thank God you feeling better now.Don't go MIA again o,please.

GaGaPosh said...

Thanx Fragiile!! amen oh,please dont have it ..lol

Thanx Shorty!! il try not to go away again!


so sorry about the chicken pox. Happy new year!