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Tuesday, April 13, 2010

iCall her Nosey :)

because i think her nose is very big.

This post is dedicated Soromtochukwu Nkemakolam Obioma Ibe!!!!
Also known as Somto, SomSom, NosyChukwu (for her humongous nostrils), Soromto Toronto…. I could go on…lol
Because, she is a really nice person. Looking at us now, you would never guess that 8 months ago, We didn’t know each other, yet now it feels like I’ve known her a lifetime.  I had a really good feeling about her, the first time I met her, I felt really comfortable. God knows she deserves an award for putting up with me and especially for being my friend. (Somto, now would be a good time to inform you that you’re going to be a bridesmaid at my wedding J)
                She put up with my crap, which is hard for even my family to do, the time I broke her window, the time I broke her door, the time I dismantled the chair she was SITTING ON, taking up all her oxygen, intruding in ALL her business , not letting her read for her tests, generally making her life miserable.
And I want to thank her for being my friend, for listening to me, for mocking my tears and then comforting me,  for not judging me, for singing me a lullaby in her cracked voice when I couldn’t sleep, for advising me even when sometimes she knew I wouldn’t heed the advice.  ( and Somto you can be very annoying too you know!!)
And even though she absolutely refuses to admit it, I know that she loves and misses me too *no homo* and cannot wait to see me.
I shall stop here before her already big head swells even bigger than it already is.

 she also likes to feel like a fine girl :)


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