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Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Its full of Evil Clowns

This is a random post, so if you're busy.....sha read it :P

Hi, I'm VaNessa

i have big eyes
and a nose thats round and pointy at the same time
The world is run by evil clowns, because funny things keep happening to me, and when you look at it, its funny in bad ways, because its not supposed to be funny, like my blackberry falling into a toilet, its funny and its not funny. And you know, clowns are funny but an evil clown is funny in  an evil way, therefore, i have come to the conclusion that we should stop saying mother nature and start saying Evil clown.

I Love feet, not in a sexual way oh, abeg I don’t have a foot fetish and I def don’t want to have sex with anybodies feet, but I just love feet.. people close to me have suffered it.. im not gonna explain it, either you get it or you don’t!! Is there a foot anonymous i can join??

I'm in Business class atm and i'm supposed to be doing something or the other but i  really can't be bothered and class ends in 10 minutes anyway.

                                So i slept late last night, i usually try my best to be asleep by 11 pm cuz college is such a bitch and i cannot wait to be done, as i was saying, Yesterday i really wanted to sleep but with the evils of Skype, i was up till freaking 1 having a very interesting video call with someone. Sha, in the morning, my roomie had to pull the covers of me at 6.30 so i wouldn't miss the bus, i dragged myself to the bathroom... i have a very special toothpaste in a blue pack, and i have a very special face scrub in a blue pack and in my sleepy state, i grabbed what i thought was my toothpaste, put some on my toothbrush and proceeded to brush my teeth....
EEEWWWWW.... it took me up to 10 seconds to realise that i was brushing my teeth with face scrub.
After having to wash my mouth out,i was sleepy AND pissed, i hopped into the shower and into steaming hot water which hurt me VERY VERY VERY much, i jumped back in shock and banged my head on the wall, well by then i was fully awake and highly pissed. #StoryOfMyLife

iThink im getting a headache.............
I'm running out of my mind, stuck in this void. What happens if my mind finishes??
Will you give me some of yours?? 


1 comment:

Juanita said...

hahahaaaaaaaaaa. Okay I'll stop now.hehe. On a more serious note, mehn, the "evil clown's" really into you. Trust me there are peeps in worst positions than you were today..
You'll be fine :)