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Sunday, November 7, 2010

How I Feel Right Now

Not every girl wants to be in a relationship.....
           Some just want good company, a fella to vibe with, converse with, laugh with. Not in a rush about anything, We're both young, we have the rest of our lives ahead of us. 

           Start off simple, and let the rest find Itself. Just Having someone to talk to and feeling comfortable around them is quite beautiful, and a good feeling. Minds connecting, Both on the same page, No bullshit, having someone that actually listens to you, your thoughts and wonders. Someone to cuddle when i'm lonely, a shoulder to cry on, someone to disagree with and fight with 'sometimes'. lol
      I don’t need the label “In a relationship” to feel that you care for or enjoy my company. Be sincere with me, it’s quite simple really. As a lady, I don’t expect nor need you to wine and dine me, I'm pretty sure i can pay for my own things. I don’t expect anything but your respect and company.


Anonymous said...

i sooooo love your blog
alwais on point :)

GaGaPosh said...

Thank You Gerry!! =)