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Thursday, October 29, 2009

Random Ish

okay...im goin to begin from the point where i left naija,
so,the day of my departure came and sadly,i wasnt feeling anything...yu know wen yu dont want something to happen so yu just ignore it??
Thats exactly what i was doing,i hadn't packed, hadn't loosened my hair,i woke up LATE as usual..
To anyone else,it was just another typical day.I had already made it crystal clear to everyone that i wasn't going anywhere near Canada.

Right when i was in the middle of a very sweet daydream about the delicious indomie i was going to cook for breakfast,i heard mumsy calling me...
I knew what she wanted to say before she even opened her mouth,
she begged,she pleaded,she talked about making the family proud,she talked about how the plane ticket would be the second one to waste in the space of a week (i missed the first flight purposely)
she blamed me,she blamed herself.
She knew i would crack,she just didn't expect it to take 2 hours,she had given up hope when i eventually said i would go
The mixture of shock and delight on her face made me feel like such a bad person.
We had so much to accomplish in so little time
Since i was being exiled to college *sigh*,i had to wear a uniform..arrgh
we had to shop for some stuff before i left,i wasn't planning on going to school on the first day without a uniform....also..since they didnt actually think i was leaving the country,they hadn't wasted  money to book tickets for themselves *shock*..so i was leaving the country by myself....
we shopped and shopped and shopped and shopped...i was in a bad mood and i was so tired of trying clothes on that i simply told the sales people i didn't like the clothes they were holding rather than try them on,
so after almost a whole day of shopping,i had very little to show for it..
at 6.00pm,we were supposed to check in since my flight was leaving by 11pm.
i nonchalantly asked my mum about my hair
Mum-'Oh My God....You Haven't Made Your Hair!!!'
next thing i know we were speeding to the nearest salon..
Mum  -please loosen her hair as fast as possible!!
Salesgirl  - Madam,we are bout to close oh,it will cost oh!!
Mum  - Any amount please,just loosen her hair,im coming back in the next 30 mins and her hair should be finished!*
i stood by the door,watching this exchange,


The- Damsel said...

So far so good.

Fragilelooks said...

First time here and its cool.

GaGa said...

@damsel....yes..so far so good..lol



konfirmed was here lol...

What Nigerian Women deal with. said...

nice blog, love ur background especially

GaGa said...

Konfirmed-is that the best yu cud come up with?...im dissapointed...wud have completed this post since bt iv got d flu :-(

@WNWDL-Thnx very much!

chayoma said...

Seriously? ur hair was done in half an hour? that shld go down in the Guinness Book for fastest time for getting black hair all fab.

Why am i just coming here now?
crazy fun blog i see.me likey :)

GaGa said...

thnx chayoma!!..yes my hair was done fast but im so suffering the consequences now..cuz the weave is so weak!!