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Saturday, October 17, 2009


  • ♥ rememberin someone special today......its bin a year since yu left us ,still feels lyk yesterday,still hear yur voice nd the things yu used to say...lyk yu cudnt wait to dance at my wedding cuz id grown so big. ♥ ♥ if my tea...rs cud build a staircase nd my memories a lane,yu kno id walk ryt up to heaven jst to bring you back again... i miss and luv yu...sleep well,till me meet to part no more... Rest In Peace! xx


Nice Anon said...

Awww RIP to her.

Anonymous said...

cant say i know who but you'll do great

G-FUNC said...

what shoes are those
you got as you blogger header?

nice blog you gat

real lively like so natural and stuff

holla! It's your boy gfunc


please get rid of this word verification thingy

a hopelessly clueless teenage gurl.. said...

awww...ths jus reminds me ov my late grandma...

GaGa said...

@nice anon..thnx !!

@ttlolla-thnx much!! :-)

@g-func-the shoes are pastry (google it).thnx..not sure i know how to remove it tho

@clueless-aww.R.I.P to her