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Saturday, August 15, 2009


hello fellow bloggers....sorry for not blogging...iv bn havn teenage hormonal crisis

..........soo yesterday i stumbled upon the the story of a girl named hiedi (hydee)..the story broke my heart and i need to share it because it has burdened me since i saw it

....Heidi Koseda died in November 1984, aged 3 years old. She had been starved to death in a locked room in Hillingdon, west London. Her step father, Nicholas Price, claimed during his trial that he had stopped feeding Heidi due to her greediness for sweets in August 1984; he claimed that she then refused to eat food and drink which resulted in her dying in early November. The prosecution alleged that Heidi was placed in the bedroom for at least 2 weeks without food and water, the bedroom door was secured by a broom handle from the outside. Heidi had eaten strips of wall paper & carpet in a desperate attempt to feed herself.

.................who on earth wud do dat to a 3 year old child...i was so shocked dat i decided to research on child abuse...this is wat i foung

......Lisa died in 1982 after a violent assault by her stepfather, Nick Byard, who now protests his innocence.

In november 1981 there was a protection order placed on Liza after his excessive smacking which left her badly bruised, sadly Liza died three months into the protection order.

Both Byard and Lisa's mother claim Lisa's death was caused by an accident. They claim that she fell down a flight of FOUR STEPS at her home,this was supposed to have happend on a wednsday and Liza did not collapse till the following friday.

Lisa's injuries were small bruising on legs and arms, larger bruising to the back of her head and forehead, extensive bruising to her armpit which indicated she was held with some force. further bruising to her
abdomenand bruising to her inner chest wall. Further to these she had a double rupture of the duodenum one of which was completely cut by an great ammount of force applied to the stomach area and pressing the duodenum against the spine cutting it in two. There was also bruising to the spine (internal) kidneys, and very large bruising to the abdomen wall.The other major injury was a massive brain hemmorage which covered one side of her brain and a smaller one on the other side.

The inquest was closed with an open verdict, and the prosecution service at that time did not wish to pursue the case as there was not enough evidence and the case was put to sleep in november 1982.

Years later the police agreed to look at the case again and after a thorough investigation which lasted nearly four and a half years, the case was heard at nottingham crown court in october 2006. Byard was given life in prison and ordered to serve a minimum of thirteen years before being eligable for parole.

....................Brandon Muir was 23 months old when he died on 16 March 2008. Brandon suffered acute peritonitis brought on by a ruptured intestine which had been caused by a a massive blow to his stomach with a blunt instrument. He died with over 40 injuries including extensive bruising and scratches on his body. He looked dehydrated and his eyes were sunken into his head.

Although Brandon had been vomiting brown fluid for several hours and had been sleepy the day before he died, his mother failed to get him medical attention. She had also been seen previously assualting Brandon and swearing at him.

.................Victoria Climbie died aged 8 at the hands of her great aunt, Marie Therese Kouao, and the woman's boyfriend Carl Manning. Victoria was sent to the Uk to escape poverty, but within 18 months Victoria was dead. She was forced to live in a freezing bath in her own excrement. Her hands and feet were bound and she was naked except for a bin liner. She was hit over the head with a bicycle chain, burned with boiling water, regularly beaten with weapons including a belt buckle, hammer and wire, her face was scolded with boiling water, and her body burned with cigarettes. When Victoria died her entire body was covered in scars.

.....................................Nia Glassie died in New Zealand on exactly the same day as Baby Peter, she was aged 2. Nia also died after suffering months of horrific abuse.

Catalogue of abuse

The court heard details of horrific abuse inflicted on the three-year old:

• She had been kicked, beaten, slapped, jumped on and held over a burning fire

• She had been put into a clothes dryer spinning at top heat

• Wrestling moves copied from a computer game had been practised on her

• She had been folded into a sofa and sat on, shoved into piles of rubbish, dragged through a sandpit half naked, flung against a wall and dropped from a height onto the floor

• And she had been whirled rapidly on an outdoor rotary clothes line until she was thrown off.

At one point, she was left lying unconscious for 36 hours without medical attention.

.................After months of being used "as a punchbag", Baby Peter died at age 17-months old.

A postmortem revealed that Peter had a broken back, eight fractured ribs, missing fingernails and toenails, multiple bruises and an injury to the inside of his mouth. He had also swallowed one of his own teeth. The court heard that his back had been broken by slamming him down over a bent knee or a bannister, which would have left him paralysed. These injuries were inflicted by his mother's boyfriend.

In the months leading up to his death, Peter was seen 60 times by health or social workers. He was taken to hospital three times in the months before he was murdered. Peter was last seen by social services on July 30 – when his mother and her boyfriend had smeared his face with chocolate to cover up his injuries.

On August 1 Peter was examined by a consultant paediatrician, Dr Sabah al-Zayyat, who noted that Baby P was too "cranky" and "miserable" to examine. She failed to notice that Peter had 8 fractured ribs and a broken back, injuries that would have left him in terrible pain and unable to move his legs.

At 11.35am on August 3 2007, an ambulance was called to the house. Its crew found Baby Peter already stiff and blue in his cot. He was taken to North Middlesex hospital where he was pronounced dead at 12.20pm.

The Old Bailey heard that he should have been protected by social workers, police and health professionals, but his mother manipulated them with lies.

Sadly it could not be proven who dealt the final blow that killed this beautiful little boy, and so his mother, her boyfriend and the lodger have been charged with 'Causing or Allowing the death of a child', a crime which carrys a maximum sentence of 14 years.

On 22 May 2009 Peter's 'mother' was jailed indefinitely to serve a minimum of 5 years.

The lodger was also jailed indefinitely to serve a minimum of 3 years.

.............................Sanam was 2 years old when she died in May 2008. She died from complications resulting from untreated fractures to her legs. These were just some of the 107 injuries inflicted upon Sanam by her 'mother', Zahbeena Navsarkaand, and her 'mother's' fiancé, Subhan Anwar, before she died. She had fractures to all her limbs, they rubbed aftershave into her nappy rash, locked her in a cupboard and beat her with a metal pole.

......................Lauren Wright was 6 years old when died on 6th May 2000. She was brutally murdered by her stepmother after being let down by every single agency responsible for protecting her in the months before her death. Her stepmother, Tracey Wright, punched Lauren so hard in her stomach that part of her digestive system collapsed. After leaving Lauren in excruciating pain for a couple of days, Tracey Wright, punched Lauren's stomach some more, this time killing her.

..............Leticia Aalayah Wright, aged 4, died after suffering "sustained and brutal" abuse which left her with over 100 injuries equivalent to a major road crash. Cigarette burns, bruises and bite marks were among the injuries found covering Leticia Wright's dead body from head to toe.The abuse continued "until her body could take no more"and the cause of her death was multiple injuries which were were mainly forceful blows to Leticia's head and to her abdomen.

.......................13-month-old Carla-Nicole Bone died after a frenzied attack by her mother's boyfriend, Sandy McClure. Carla-Nicole endured cruel and sustained abuse in the months leading up to her death. McClure force-fed her, holding her nostrils, and made her stand unsupported for long periods in an attempt to get her to walk. He would scoop up her vomit from her bib and put it back on her plate.
When she died she was covered in bruises to her face, forehead, around her jaw, the left side of her torso and her back. She had suffered a fractured skull and swelling of the brain. McClure had flung Carla-Nicole from wall to wall "like a pendulum", splitting her skull, because she was unable to keep her balance.

Amy Howson was Amy Howson was just 16 months old when her father held her over his knee and broke her back in two. The injury led to spinal shock and rapid unconsciousness. Amy died in Decmber 2007 in hospital just hours after the attack.

......................... 5month old baby Brianna Lopez. She died from continuous abuse from her father, mother & uncle who all lived in a trailer with their own parents. She was penetrated anally, & vaginally. She was bitten & punched. She was thrown. On the night of her death she was thrown to the ceiling & hit it, & let drop to the ground twice. She had brain damage, bleeding into brain. Broken legs (old & new)broken back, & ribs. The police that found her needed counselling because they cudnt get ova wat dey saw,one even left the force all together after dat. The family didnt even want to pay 4 burial. The town did. The family put a cage around her grave to stop ppl from showing little baby Brianna her due respects. Even in her death....her "family" disrespected her & felt the need to control her.

................AND SO THE STORYS GO ON AND ON

............Yh i hav baby sibling in my house so i know how annoying dey can be and yes i do smack or punish dem wen needed but wateva i do to dem,i do it outta love
.............these ppl wer just plain sick and sadists...if u research on their full stories,ud find dat most of the perpetrators wernt evn punished properly..
.........if i was asked to judge id say dat evrythn dey did to the kids b done back to dem..den if dey survive it,they shud get life imprisonment as well..


............I remain ::GaGa::


Sir Scribbles II said...

It's really sickening isn't it, Child abuse is a coward's way of venting frustrating and only the heartless can even think of hurting innocent defenceless children. Sometime I can't even get my head around d whole thing...disgusting!

Sir Scribbles II said...

Oh and NUMERO UNO BABY!!! Can all other commentators line up behind me..thanks!

Anonymous said...

omg.....dats just sad...i cant belive people actually do dis...im feel so sad for all the kids dat went or are going thru dis... <3

GaGa said...

@ Sir scribbles...lol..thnks 4 bein no 1..and yeh..well sed...child abuse is d cowards way

@anon...yes..sad..i kno..dats how i feel as well

thanks yall 4 reading

Bubbles said...

gosh I had to stop reading
I cannot stand child abuse

Nice Anon said...

Me too. I didnt read the whole thing. Na real wa! I feel so sorry for those kids.

GaGa said...

yh..i guess i overwrote the drama...i dnt know wat carried my head to research it cz iv bn creeped out for days

..@bubble......me neither

...@ nice anon..me too