iWrite because i can. Because i have two hands and ten (very beautiful) fingers that allow me to write. Because i have thoughts in my head that i want to write. Because i'm not quite sane. Because i am me :)

Sunday, August 2, 2009


and thus the story of my first blog begins.....iv always meant to move onto modern technology. i wonder how long il last before runing back to my precious books.i write because......
sooo....i got inspiration for this from my friend who actually has d courage to write and blog as well and has inspired to ....(omg....wat do i think im writing)

The point ov my ramblings is just to say eeeeerrm....HI??


Yinkuslolo said...

HEllo then!

lol, post more, lemme read ur own side of life's story.

Bubbles said...

to blogsville.!

GaGa said...

thank yhu both....i just posted sumthing else so please let me know wat yhu yhink about it.