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Sunday, August 15, 2010

Hugs and Squeezes

Hugs are one of my absolute best things in this world
I believe that everyone i talk to is suited to a particular type of hug depending on our relationship and how close we are.
Ofcourse they don't always know this ;p
Sometimes though, the right person gives me the right hug
oh boy....... oh Joyyy!!!!!!!
A hug can literally make my day.. or 2 days even!
Therefore, i have compiled a list of my best ( and one worst) hugs
( Yes, i actually did and you're gonna read it cuz really.. what choice do you have)

Tight hugs: The ones where they just hug you super tight for a long time with no words.
These are like alcohol to me!! My absolute best-est-est-est!!!!!

Unexpected hugs: The ones where you’re just doing your own thing and they come from behind and hug you unexpectedly. This is typically a boy hug... if a girl ever did this to me, it would be VERY VERY akward ( this is to all my homo-ish friends out there oh!! biko, i love you but dont hug me like this!! Ever!! Thank You) 

Lift up hugs: The ones where you run up to them, and they have their arms all wide, and you just run up and you lift up your legs and they carry you. This is a very disney-like hug.. very dramatic and i've probably only like twice.. i have fantasies of doing it again someday.... preferably in a corn field somewhere.. or on a busy street in the rain. (A girl is allowed to dream right??)

Spinny hugs: The ones where they hug you and spin you around in circles. I dont even know why this hug is here. These days, everyone that hugs me seems to spin, even when they don't do the full 360 circle, they atleast move 180 degrees.. or even 90 degrees but they all seem to move. Stand still jo!! abi are there soldier ants in your feet?? kmt
I love this hug oh!!  just that so many random people that i just meant to hug and move away like to prolong the issue. This doesn't mean that anybody should stop hugging me abeg, half- bread is better than none!!!

Vanessa Hug: This ofcourse is the part where i hug you, anyway i want, regardless of who you are and how you feel about it. The point here being that i want to hug you and therefore im going to hug you. Usually given at random either when i feel like i need a hug or i feel like you need a hug. #ThankMeLater

happens to be that one arm-one sided hug. I hate that hug and im not usually one to hate or procrastinate against any kind of hugs but.. damn damn damn... i hate that hug.
If and as long as you have to working hands and a working fully rounded torso then don't hug me this way and best believe that when people hug me this way.. the first thing i say is 'idiot' (usually out loud to my friends and in my head to all others)
But if you are an adult, or teacher, or any of my mother's./father's friends
Hug me this way.. i wouldn't want it any other way and i promise not to call you an idiot (both in and out of my head)



ZeL said...

I liked this.

Unexpected and Lift up Hugs are my best.

I hate the tight ones when some dude would be using d opportunity to feel me up . lol

Bee! said...

lol, lift you off your feet hugs are the best. Now that I am too tall- o pari, its finished.

roseanngomez_1994 said...

I actually stumbled on this site and i cant agree with you more! I absolutely LOVE hugs and the other day in my catechism class we had to go around and hug people and some people were hugging with the "one arm" thing and once they came to me i just told them that I give full hugs and i hugged them as tight as I could(: hugs most definitely make my day, hopefully I made theirs(: