iWrite because i can. Because i have two hands and ten (very beautiful) fingers that allow me to write. Because i have thoughts in my head that i want to write. Because i'm not quite sane. Because i am me :)

Friday, June 11, 2010


These are the ramblings... going on in my head... at the moment

 what happens when your whole world falls apart??
 nothing... absolutely nothing
you just think its falling apart
 it never really does though
 life goes on.... and on... and on
 i know
that it hurts
 so bad...
 real bad
 thats what we have feelings for
to feel
so cry when you hurt
 let it all out
i'm really too old to be crying
cry still
and remember that by this time next year
you'll laugh about it
unless someone died
did someone die?
cause it would be totally inappropriate to laugh about death
no one died
but it feels like someone should
 then cry
just cry
nd when youre done
because when you're down
remember that
 aint no place to go but up baby



nice... n deep... hope u r oksy

GaGaPosh said...

Thanks k!! yh, im aiite.. was just feeling a bit down :P

Myne Whitman said...

Glad to read you're fine. That is one deep and touching post. Well written.

GaGaPosh said...

thanks myne!!!
means a lot :)