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Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Is It Just Me???

Is It Just Me??

You’re with her
I’m with him
Is it just me?
Or do we keep staring at each other?

Did I just smile at you?
Did you just wink at me?
Or is it just me again?

I felt a jolt
When we shook
You kissed my hand
My Legs went weak
That was definitely just me!!

I Love your eyes
You love my lips
And all that flirting
It certainly wasn’t just me.

And that Kiss
My God
That Kiss
For sure, that was both of us!!

But I still have him
You still have her
And we have each other
In the Shadows
For Now…..

And Someday…..
Maybe someday…..
Nah... That’s just me again!!

(Don’t get too carried away, I couldn’t sleep, it was 2 a.m. what better thing to do than what I do best but to WRITE!!!)

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muyiwa said...

whats up ,its been a while here, and i thoght i added you on facebook,cheers